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We are the only recovery firm you will ever need. Our reputation precedes us as one of the best , our clients trust us , you can trust us too.

Who We Are

We are a full range asset recovery  firm with experience and expertise in the recovery of assets lost to online and offline financial fraudulent schemes and organizations

We have a team of dedicated and professional experts who, through case analysis and meticulous intelligence gathering, are able to proffer solutions to asset recovery matters.


Our team has a wealth of experience in asset recovery. Having worked on a number of cases, we are equipped with the right technical know-how and resources to help you recover your money.


We are always looking to improve our work process and make our workflow very seamless. Therefore we always come up with innovative ways to tackle our clients’ cases.

Client-Centric Approach

We always have the interests of our clients at heart with any decision we make. Years of experience and employment of innovative approaches cement our names in the hearts of our clients.

Our Services

Forex Scams

With So many self-proclaimed gurus out there, who claim to know how to trade, they defraud unsuspecting victims before the victims even know it. If you have been a victim, we can help you get your money back.

Crypto Scams

Being very difficult to regulate, this is the go to choice for online fraudsters to rip victims of their money. We have proven strategies and mechanisms to ensure that your money is recovered swiftly

Stock Trading Scams

Similar to Forex Scams, victims are given lofty promises and predictions so as to entice them to part with their money. These Scammers disappear after they have con victims out of their money but we can always get them, let’s help you today

Online Banking Scams

These start from random mails or text messages purporting to be from your bank wanting to assist you with something in your bank account. This usually turns out to be false and a lot of victims end up losing all the money in their account. We can help you today if you’re a victim of this type of fraud.

Binary Options Scam

This remains one of the most common ways by which unsuspecting victims are defrauded of their money online. We have experience helping victims of such cases. If you have ever suffered this type of scam, contact us and we will be happy to help

Lottery Scams

Another way fraudsters get people to part with their hard earned money is to inform victims that they have won a lot of money or some other valuable gift. You are then asked to pay some money to claim your prize. If this has happened to you, we can help you get your money back.

How We Work How We Work How We Work

Our 3 Step Process

1. Reach Out

Reach out to us about your loss, through our mail or through the form on the contact us page of our website.

2. Case Assessment

We review your case, ask you relevant questions so as to help you determine the risks involved and the possibility of recovering your money

3. Recovery Procedure

Once we arrive at the conclusion that the possibility is high, we move swiftly, leaving no stone unturned

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Why Choose Us

Intelligence Gathering

We are able to gather intelligence based on our diligent investigation. We make sure we determine with certainty the identity of the culprits

Risk Management

We always perform a thorough assessment of the situation before swinging into action. We know how dangerous it can be to act without caution. Our experts know the exact approach to take to minimize risk and optimize work.

Stellar Support

Our customer service agents are always available to take your inquiries or your consultations. We ensure that you are never in the dark about the whole process as we communicate effectively to carry you  along.

Crises Management

Our team includes forensic experts who employ modern and cutting-edge technology in recovering your funds tracking down PayPal,Western Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin, Wire Transfers, and all other forms of payments.

Claim Assessment

Analysis is a key part of our job and we ensure that we can afford to provide you with expert and competent hands. Our team is well trained in the art of case analysis so as to determine the best approach to recover your money.

Investment Planning

As experts with requisite knowledge, we are able to guide you on how best to make your investments, to prevent loss of funds or further loss of funds.

Client Testimonials

Shawns Collin

Crystal reverse is the absolute best. I can't thank them enough. They have a professional and dedicated team. They were able to recover my money quickly.

Micheal Frank

Trusting Crystal Reverse is one the best decisions I took for myself. Having lost money to a fraudulent broker, I was shattered and frustrated. What I admire about them is their of proficiency, they are really as good as they say they aree

Phillips Wayne

I'm going to say this without wasting time, this is the best recovery firm out there, period. They are so transparent and they make sure to carry you along to whole process. Thank you Crystal Reverse for recovery my money for me.

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