Unexpected Money Scams

This scam often involves promising victims a large amount of money if they (the victims) can help the scammer recover or easily move their (scammer’s) money away from some overseas country.

Victims are contacted via mail or text by unknown persons claiming to have “inaccessible money” in some account and this is followed by a solicitation for assistance in other to access this money. They often use the promise of a large share in this “inaccessible money” to lure their victims into parting with money.

Other times, it might be a story about having some “inheritance” that is not accessible due to government regulations or taxes. This then follows a request for financial assistance to be able to sort out the necessary fees to make this “inheritance” accessible.

In the case of money, the victim might be asked to provide details of their bank account so that money can be sent to them, but of course, this is all a con to steal personal information.

To avoid falling victim to this scam, be careful not to trust any message from an unknown person promising to give you a large share of money or inheritance they have. Also, be careful about sharing your personal information with a stranger as this might be used for illegal purposes.

If you have ever been a victim of this , you can take action today and let our experts do what they know how to do best, recover your money!.

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