Unexpected Prize & Lottery Scams

This is a very prominent scam; we all probably have encountered this scam at one point while on the internet. This involves asking you to pay money to claim prizes that you won at a competition you never partook in. This money is usually said to be for insurance taxes or other government-stipulated charges.

Of course, since you never entered a competition or played any lottery, this should be tell-tale signs of a scam. However, the method applied by the scammers involves so many tricks to make you believe that the offer is legitimate. You might get a cheque purporting to be part payment of the money you have won, however, this will turn out to be a fake check.

This scam is also used by scammers to get access to your personal information all in the name of them wanting to verify that you are the one who actually won the prize or so they can either send you the cash or deliver the gift to your address.
This usually results in identity theft as these fraudsters can use your personal information illegally.

In other not to fall, victim to these scams, make sure you do fact-checking and also reach out to persons who might help you find out about this organization reaching out to you that you have won a prize. Sometimes, you might get a warning from them that you shouldn’t disclose your win, but all this is a ploy to keep you from seeking 3rd party advice on the legitimacy of the scheme.

Lastly, these fraudsters might pose as already reputable lottery companies, just to get you to believe them, please always be sure you are actually dealing with that company.

In the event that you realize you might have been scammed through this way, you can always reach out to our experts to recover your money back.

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